South Africa – April 2015

Africa touches your soul and changes your life in the most amazing way. No matter how long you stay, where you go or who you interact with – you will be bringing a piece of Africa back home with you…

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This slideshow is a compilation of my visit to South Africa.
I stayed at the following camps:
-Lion Sands Narina
-Camp Jubulani

** Please note that all photos are authors own, except where credited. As travel industry professional, I make a big investment in first hand experiences. I spend a lot of time to keep up with accreditation and stay up to date on current developments in the travel industry. This means attending conferences, seminars, site inspections fam trip and group trips. I have been able to have some of the experiences shown and described at a reduced cost or combed by the hotel, tour operator, cruise line or supplier. The feedback supplied is based on my personal experience, and based on my personal preferences, likes and dislikes. This first hand experience allows me to better serve you and match the experiences you are looking for. It also allows me to create travel tips for you, based on experiences I have and things I wish I knew before. Travel Supplier partners referenced in blog posts are part of Signature Travel Networks Preferred Portfolio or can be booked via a preferred supplier partner (at least at time of post creation). **


When Preparing for a Conference…

Have you seen my post on preparing for a conference?

STN Embark

I’m getting ready to attend my first ILTM Conference in Cape Town, South Africa next week.

As I’m preparing for the event, I thought I’d share how I’m getting ready for it.

All conferences are structured a bit different, but I’ve noticed that the high end or luxury focused ones implement one-on-one meetings between agents and suppliers. I love this for many reasons:

I, as an agent, can usually request who I would like to meet with. The suppliers can request which agents they want to meet as well. The conference organizers will match those up and voila!

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Friday Flying: Goin’ Solo

Check out my latest freelance blog about solo travel: How and Where to…
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Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

SoloBy Daniela Harrison

Solo travelers have always been around, but their numbers are booming. And why not? Solo travel is empowering and enlightening. If you keep an open mind, you can make new friends around the world and discover hidden secrets in places you might have been to before but never really appreciated. Better yet, new communication technology lets solo travelers meet virtually online and get to know their tripmates prior to departure.

Solo travel is a great way to re-examine the world while meeting new people -- your fellow travelers included. Solo travel is a great way to re-examine the world while meeting new people — your fellow travelers included.

The reasons for traveling solo are almost endless. Single Boomers want to take advantage of their singlehood. Same with single Millennials. Some couples just can’t find the time to travel together, or have different interests when they go abroad. Workaholics want to combine business and pleasure, working from their “virtual office” on the road while they (hopefully) discover…

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Travel with only a Carry-On

In preparation for my 18 day trip to Africa, I finally packed last weekend.

I’m attending a 3 day conference in Cape Town, before meeting my husband for 10 days of Safari! To say I’m excited is an understatement. Traveling like this means a lot of different types of clothes. The conference requires business clothes, while the safari is more casual. Temperatures will also vary, so packing can be a challenge. Oh, and did I mention the safari requires a 30lbs weight limit and soft sided bag regulations…

I managed to pack everything into one carry-on bag, at 22 lbs! Want to know how? Read on… Continue reading

Destination Wednesday, 2115: Hey, Time Travelers — We’ve Got You Covered!

Happy #AprilFools Day!

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Phone boxIt’s a great day for travel insurance. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is launching TimeCare™.

TimeCare is the first travel-insurance product designed to meet the special needs of time travelers. It uses the same technology behind BHTP’s other revolutionary travel-protection products — AirCare, the industry’s first low-cost, fixed-benefit flight-protection coverage, and ExactCare, traditional travel insurance with speedy, tech-driven claims processing — and takes it to a whole new dimension.

Literally. Like an entirely different dimension.

TimeCare handles the unique problems time travelers face by paying:

  • $50 for teleportation to the wrong year;
  • $50 for teleportation to the wrong destination on earth;
  • $100 for teleportation to the wrong planet or galaxy;
  • $100 for misteleported baggage;
  • $500 for partial or split teleportation (example: your head and torso are sent to the 28th century, while your legs are sent to the Pleistocene Epoch); and
  • $1,000 for teleportation to an unknown time-space continuum, including…

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