Monday-Morning Moving: Labor-Day Must-Dos and Must-Gos

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IMAG0025By Daniela Harrison

Since 1887 Labor Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in September. It’s a day to celebrate all workers and their social and economic achievements.

Traditionally Labor Day was celebrated with a parade, followed by small festivities – picnics and band concerts — for workers and their families. Nowadays most people use the long weekend to travel. And why not? It’s the last really nice weekend of the summer, and the first reminder that winter is just around the corner.

So take advantage of this nice, long weekend and plan a little getaway with your family and friends.

The keywords are “plan ahead.” It’s going to be a busy weekend, with crowded roads, higher gas prices, full planes, and sold-out hotels. But if you plan ahead you can relax and fully enjoy the time with your loved ones.

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Holiday Travel

Germany Trip home 2010 026

School is back in session and as summer comes to an end we’re becoming more and more aware of the winter holidays edging nearer by the minute. It should be a time to reflect on what’s important in life and enjoy it with family and friends – at least that’s what we see on television…

Unfortunately, for most of us the holidays have turned into one of the most stressful times of the year. We spend weeks cleaning the house and preparing for the arrival of family and friends. Most of us have to travel far or have relatives traveling to us to spend the days together. How many of us dread traveling over the holidays???
We know it will be crowded, it will be noisy, there will be delays along the way, the kids will be tired and cranky and we will eventually give in to the chaos, lose our heads and arrive at our destination completely exhausted.

With all this in mind, we can make this hectic and even painful travel time more enjoyable if we all follow a few rules.

  1. Plan Ahead 

FullSizeRender (2)

Remember, the early bird catches the worm… or however this saying goes. Call your relatives and create a game plan. Buy your airline tickets as soon as possible. If you plan ahead, you can schedule extra vacation/sick days for this time of year and travel 2-3 days before and return 3-4 days after the holiday.

2. Layover time in airports


For most of us a non-stop flight to our destination is wishful thinking. In most cases we have to deal with stop overs and plane changes. Over the holidays our airports will be more crowded. Winter weather can have a huge impact.You might want to double the required layover time, just in case.

3. Don’t book yourself on the last flight of the day


Always give yourself a fall back option. If you’re the last flight of the day, there aren’t many alternatives to spending the night in the airport.

4. Book the entire family on one reservation

a family travelling

Overbooked flights are nothing unusual over the holidays. Being booked on one reservation, rather than multiple, reduces the risk of being bumped to the next flight or being split up onto multiple flights.

5. Is it worth paying for my seats?


Absolutely! Get a seat and the likelihood of you actually flying on your desired flight is much higher.

6. What about your ground transportation?

_BCA1901 (2)

Reserve your rental car, transfer, train ticket etc as soon as your flights are confirmed. Even though it seems unlikely, the airport can in fact run out of vehicles. Trains and buses can only be filled to a certain capacity and have you ever tried to hail a cab on Christmas Eve?

7. If you like your personal space, book your hotel now!


Do not expect to show up anywhere on a holiday and find a room. Same goes for dinner reservations if nobody wants to cook this year.

8. Let’s do something different this year!


Spontaneity is great! But not over the holidays. If you want to take the family away for the holidays and celebrate on a cruise, at a resort or on an island you better start panning 11 month out. Unless you own said island of course…

9. Not sure where to take the family?

Your travel consultant can help. We take care of the entire organization of the trip and make sure all details are taken care of. Contact one, it’s worth it.

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10. Purchase travel insurance!

While travel insurance can’t patch the traditional family holiday dispute, they can take care of most other problems you could encounter along the way. Click here to find out “Why to purchase travel insurance”

11. Be courteous to your fellow travelers and especially to the personal working over the holiday.

Smile, wave, take a step back and remember the joyous reasons why you travel in the first place. Someone feels the urge to skip a spot in line – just wish them happy holidays. They’re obviously so excited, they can’t wait to get where they are going.

Employees working that day won’t get to spend time with their family. Make a point of saying THANK YOU, be patient and wish them a HAPPY HOLIDAY. Maybe bring some chocolates or flowers as gifts for your flight crew.

Wishing you all safe travels and a very Happy Holidays!

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Puppy love

yes, we adopted a new puppy.

Three weeks ago we drove out to Grand Falls on the Navajo Reservation, just outside of town.  

We were planning on taking our dogs swimming and hiking.

On the way out, we almost made it to the falls, we spotted a little black fur ball on the side of the road. It looked like a small bear. We stopped the car and before I got out I knew it was a puppy!

She snuggled up in my arms and I fell I love instantly!

How could you not love this face?!?

She was about 4 1/2 weeks old, starved down and dehydrate, but looked pretty good overall. Some water and a handful of chips later – all we had with us – she already fit right in. We named her Lillybear.

This little cutie has turned out daily routing upside down. The dogs love her, especially George! He’s such a gentle boy, my Mr Mom!  

She follows him everywhere! Even the cats are coming to terms with the new family member!

We’re working on her constant chewing on everything, as well as her food aggression and her understandable separation anxiety.

She’s such a good girl! I couldn’t be happier the universe made up cross paths!

Not a day goes by without a puppy kiss, a little nose love nibble, and a new adventurous discovery!

Stay tuned for puppy cuteness and more Lilly stories as she’s growing up…

At the end of the day: this makes me happy! But I need to buy a larger couch! 😉