For my Travel Industry Friends

Hello fellow travel consultants and travel industry professionals.

I’m so honored you take the time to visit my blog. On this page you can find a few things that I always share with my friends in the industry and some have asked me to write a few of these tips down. I hope you find them helpful. I’d love to get your feedback.

Successful Networking – How to start and follow up
FAM Trips – Expectations and Preparation
Thank You Notes – How to and why
Preparing for a conference – You want me to do what???
Travel Insurance – why you can’t be without it!
Travel Industry Exchange – Event in review
Prepare for Signature Sales Meeting and Tradeshow – 2015 event
Conference Aftermath – proper follow up and organization

**Please note that all photos are authors own, except where credited. As travel industry professional, I make a big investment in first hand experiences. I spend a lot of time to keep up with accreditation and stay up to date on current developments in the travel industry. This means attending conferences, seminars, site inspections fam trip and group trips. I have been able to have some of the experiences shown and described at a reduced cost or combed by the hotel, tour operator, cruise line or supplier. The feedback supplied is based on my personal experience, and based on my personal preferences, likes and dislikes. This first hand experience allows me to better serve you and match the experiences you are looking for. It also allows me to create travel tips for you, based on experiences I have and things I wish I knew before. Travel Supplier partners referenced in blog posts are part of Signature Travel Networks Preferred Portfolio or can be booked via a preferred supplier partner (at least at time of post creation).**


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